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«Охотники за скальпами» на английском языке

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Chapter One. The Wild West1
Chapter Two. The Prairie Merchants11
Chapter Three. The Prairie Fever19
Chapter Four. A Ride upon a Buffalo Bull24
Chapter Five. In a Bad Fix36
Chapter Six. Santa Fé48
Chapter Seven. The Fandango57
Chapter Eight. Seguin the Scalp-Hunter72
Chapter Nine. Left Behind80
Chapter Ten. The Del Norte87
Chapter Eleven. The “Journey of Death.”93
Chapter Twelve. Zoe102
Chapter Thirteen. Seguin111
Chapter Fourteen. Love116
Chapter Fifteen. Light and Shade121
Chapter Sixteen. An Autobiography128
Chapter Seventeen. Up the Del Norte142
Chapter Eighteen. Geography and Geology151
Chapter Nineteen. The Scalp-Hunters161
Chapter Twenty. Sharp-Shooting172
Chapter Twenty One. A Feat à la Tell186
Chapter Twenty Two. A Feat à la Tail195
Chapter Twenty Three. The Programme203
Chapter Twenty Four. El Sol and La Luna211
Chapter Twenty Five. The War-Trail219
Chapter Twenty Six. Three Days in the Trap235
Chapter Twenty Seven. The Diggers250
Chapter Twenty Eight. Dacoma256
Chapter Twenty Nine. A Dinner with Two Dishes267
Chapter Thirty. Blinding the Pursuer285
Chapter Thirty One. A Buffalo “Surround”299
Chapter Thirty Two. Another “Coup”312
Chapter Thirty Three. A Bitter Trap321
Chapter Thirty Four. The Phantom City329
Chapter Thirty Five. The Mountain of Gold343
Chapter Thirty Six. Navajoa350
Chapter Thirty Seven. The Night Ambuscade356
Chapter Thirty Eight. Adèle363
Chapter Thirty Nine. The White Scalp377
Chapter Forty. The Fight in the Pass392
Chapter Forty One. The Barranca407
Chapter Forty Two. The Foe419
Chapter Forty Three. New Misery426
Chapter Forty Four. The Flag of Truce436
Chapter Forty Five. A Vexed Treaty446
Chapter Forty Six. A Conflict with Closed Doors458
Chapter Forty Seven. A Queer Encounter in a Cave469
Chapter Forty Eight. Smoked Out480
Chapter Forty Nine. A Novel Mode of Equitation487
Chapter Fifty. A Fast Dye492
Chapter Fifty One. Astonishing the Natives501
Chapter Fifty Two. Running Amuck509
Chapter Fifty Three. A Conflict upon a Cliff518
Chapter Fifty Four. An Unexpected Rencontre532
Chapter Fifty Five. The Rescue543
Chapter Fifty Six. El Paso Del Norte551
Chapter Fifty Seven. Touching the Chords of Memory557

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The Scalp Hunters: читать книгу в оригинале на английском

Chapter One. The Wild West

Unroll the world’s map, and look upon the great northern continent of America. Away to the wild west, away toward the setting sun, away beyond many a far meridian, let your eyes wander. Rest them where golden rivers rise among peaks that carry the eternal snow. Rest them there.
You are looking upon a land whose features are un-furrowed by human hands, still bearing the marks of the Almighty mould, as upon the morning of creation; a region whose every object wears the impress of God’s image. His ambient spirit lives in the silent grandeur of its mountains, and speaks in the roar of its mighty rivers: a region redolent of romance, rich in the reality of adventure.
Follow me, with the eye of your mind, through scenes of wild beauty, of savage sublimity.
I stand in an open plain. I turn my face to the north, to the south, to the east, and to the west; and on all sides behold the blue circle of the heavens girdling around me. Nor rock, nor tree, breaks the ring of the horizon. What covers the broad expanse between? Wood? water? grass? No; flowers. As far as my eye can range, it rests only on flowers, on beautiful flowers!
I am looking as on a tinted map, an enamelled picture brilliant with every hue of the prism.
Yonder is golden yellow, where the helianthus turns her dial-like face to the sun. Yonder, scarlet, where the malva erects its red banner. Here is a parterre of the purple monarda, there the euphorbia sheds its silver leaf. Yonder the orange predominates in the showy flowers of the asclepia; and beyond, the eye roams over the pink blossoms of the cleome.
The breeze stirs them. Millions of corollas are waving their gaudy standards. The tall stalks of the helianthus bend and rise in long undulations, like billows on a golden sea.
They are at rest again. The air is filled with odours sweet as the perfumes of Araby or Ind. Myriads of insects flap their gay wings: flowers of themselves. The bee-birds skirr around, glancing like stray sunbeams; or, poised on whirring wings, drink from the nectared cups; and the wild bee, with laden limbs, clings among the honeyed pistils, or leaves for his far hive with a song of joy.
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