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«Покойный Маттио Паскаль» на английском языке

The Late Mattia Pascal

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The Late Mattia Pascal: читать книгу на английском


One of the few things, in fact about the only thing I was sure of was my name: Mattia Pascal. Of this I took full advantage also. Whenever one of my friends or acquaintances so far lost his head as to come and ask me for a bit of advice on some matter of importance, I would shrug my shoulders, squint my eyes, and answer:
"My name is Mattia Pascal!"
"That's very enlightening, old man! I knew that much already!"
"And you don't feel lucky to know that much?"
There was no reason why he should that I could see. But at the time I had not realized what it meant not to be sure of even that much — not to be able to answer on occasion, as I had formerly answered:
"My name is Mattia Pascal!"
Some people surely will sympathize with me (sympathy comes cheap) when they try to imagine the immense anguish a poor man must feel on suddenly discovering ... well, yes... just a blank; that he knows neither who his father was, nor who his mother was, nor how, nor when, nor where, he was born--if ever he was born at all.... Just as others will be ready to criticize (criticism comes cheaper still) the immorality and viciousness of a society where an innocent child can be treated that way.
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