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«Марди и путешествие туда» на английском языке

Mardi and A Voyage Thither

51 голос
✒ Автор
📖 Страниц977
⏰ Время чтения 33 часа 45 минут
💡 Опубликовано1849
🌏 Язык оригинала Английский
📌 Тип Роман

Оглавление книги


CHAPTER I — Foot In Stirrup1
CHAPTER III — A King For A Comrade15
CHAPTER IV — A Chat In The Clouds23
CHAPTER V — Seats Secured And Portmanteaus Packed27
CHAPTER VI — Eight Bells31
CHAPTER VIII — They Push Off, Velis Et Remis37
CHAPTER IX — The Watery World Is All Before Them42
CHAPTER X — They Arrange Their Canopies And Lounges, And Try To Make Things45
CHAPTER XI — Jarl Afflicted With The Lockjaw49
CHAPTER XII — More About Being In An Open Boat51
CHAPTER XIII — Of The Chondropterygii, And Other Uncouth Hordes Infesting The South Seas53
CHAPTER XIV — Jarl's Misgivings61
CHAPTER XV — A Stitch In Time Saves Nine65
CHAPTER XVI — They Are Becalmed67
CHAPTER XVII — In High Spirits, They Push On For The Terra Incognita72
CHAPTER XVIII — My Lord Shark And His Pages75
CHAPTER XIX — Who Goes There?79
CHAPTER XX — Noises And Portents90
CHAPTER XXII — What Befel The Brigantine At The Pearl Shell Islands99
CHAPTER XXIII — Sailing From The Island They Pillage The Cabin109
CHAPTER XXIV — Dedicated To The College Of Physicians And Surgeons113
CHAPTER XXV — Peril A Peace-Maker117
CHAPTER XXVI — Containing A Pennyweight Of Philosophy121
CHAPTER XXVII — In Which The Past History Op The Parki Is Concluded123
CHAPTER XXVIII — Suspicions Laid, And Something About The Calmuc129
CHAPTER XXIX — What They Lighted Upon In Further Searching The Craft, And The136
CHAPTER XXX — Hints For A Full Length Of Samoa145
CHAPTER XXXI — Rovings Alow And Aloft148
CHAPTER XXXII — Xiphius Platypterus153
CHAPTER XXXIV — How They Steered On Their Way161
CHAPTER XXXV — Ah, Annatoo!168
CHAPTER XXXVI — The Parki Gives Up The Ghost173
CHAPTER XXXVII — Once More They Take To The Chamois178
CHAPTER XXXVIII — The Sea On Fire181
CHAPTER XXXIX — They Fall In With Strangers187
CHAPTER XL — Sire And Sons195
CHAPTER XLII — Remorse203
CHAPTER XLIII — The Tent Entered206
CHAPTER XLV — Reminiscences216
CHAPTER XLVI — The Chamois With A Roving Commission219
CHAPTER XLVII — Yillah, Jarl, And Samoa222
CHAPTER XLVIII — Something Under The Surface225
CHAPTER XLIX — Yillah231
CHAPTER L — Yillah In Ardair234
CHAPTER LI — The Dream Begins To Fade241
CHAPTER LII — World Ho!243
CHAPTER LIII — The Chamois Ashore248
CHAPTER LIV — A Gentleman From The Sun251
CHAPTER LV — Tiffin In A Temple255
CHAPTER LVI — King Media A Host260
CHAPTER LVII — Taji Takes Counsel With Himself265
CHAPTER LVIII — Mardi By Night And Yillah By Day272
CHAPTER LIX — Their Morning Meal275
CHAPTER LX — Belshazzar On The Bench278
CHAPTER LXI — An Incognito285
CHAPTER LXII — Taji Retires From The World288
CHAPTER LXIII — Odo And Its Lord291
CHAPTER LXIV — Yillah A Phantom296
CHAPTER LXV — Taji Makes Three Acquaintances300
CHAPTER LXVI — With A Fair Wind, At Sunrise They Sail304
CHAPTER LXVII — Little King Peepi308
CHAPTER LXVIII — How Teeth Were Regarded In Valapee314
CHAPTER LXIX — The Company Discourse, And Braid-Beard Rehearses A Legend319
CHAPTER LXX — The Minstrel Leads Off With A Paddle-Song; And A Message Is Received327
CHAPTER LXXI — They Land Upon The Island Of Juam331
CHAPTER LXXII — A Book From The Chronicles Of Mohi335
CHAPTER LXXIII — Something More Of The Prince342
CHAPTER LXXIV — Advancing Deeper Into The Vale, They Encounter Donjalolo344
CHAPTER LXXV — Time And Temples348
CHAPTER LXXVI — A Pleasant Place For A Lounge351
CHAPTER LXXVII — The House Of The Afternoon354
CHAPTER LXXVIII — Babbalanja Solus358
CHAPTER LXXIX — The Center Of Many Circumferences361
CHAPTER LXXX — Donjalolo In The Bosom Of His Family363
CHAPTER LXXXI — Wherein Babbalanja Relates The Adventure Of One Karkeke In The Land369
CHAPTER LXXXII — How Donjalolo, Sent Agents To The Surrounding Isles; With The Result373
CHAPTER LXXXIII — They Visit The Tributary Islets377
CHAPTER LXXXIV — Taji Sits Down To Dinner With Five-And-Twenty Kings, And A Royal Time379
CHAPTER LXXXV — After Dinner393
CHAPTER LXXXVI — Of Those Scamps The Plujii396
CHAPTER LXXXVIII — In A Calm, Hautia's Heralds Approach403
CHAPTER LXXXIX — Braid-Beard Rehearses The Origin Of The Isle Of Rogues405
CHAPTER XC -- Rare Sport At Ohonoo409
CHAPTER XCI — Of King Uhia And His Subjects414
CHAPTER XCII — The God Keevi And The Precipice Op Mondo417
CHAPTER XCIII — Babbalanja Steps In Between Mohi And Yoomy; And Yoomy Relates A420
CHAPTER XCIV — Of That Jolly Old Lord, Borabolla; And That Jolly Island Of His,427
CHAPTER XCV — That Jolly Old Lord Borabolla Laughs On Both Sides Of His Face436
CHAPTER XCVI — Samoa A Surgeon442
CHAPTER XCVII — Faith And Knowledge445
CHAPTER XCVIII — The Tale Of A Traveler447
CHAPTER XCIX — "Marnee Ora, Ora Marnee"450
CHAPTER C -- The Pursuer Himself Is Pursued458
CHAPTER CI — The Iris464
CHAPTER CII — They Depart From Mondoldo466
CHAPTER CIII — As They Sail469
CHAPTER CIV — Wherein Babbalanja Broaches A Diabolical Theory, And, In His Own472
CHAPTER I. — Maramma479
CHAPTER II. — They Land483
CHAPTER III. — They Pass Through The Woods491
CHAPTER V. — They Visit The Great Morai497
CHAPTER VI. — They Discourse Of The Gods Of Mardi, And Braid-Beard Tells Of One Foni505
CHAPTER VII. — They Visit The Lake Of Yammo509
CHAPTER VIII. — They Meet The Pilgrims At The Temple Of Oro514
CHAPTER IX. — They Discourse Of Alma517
CHAPTER X. — Mohi Tells Of One Ravoo, And They Land To Visit Revaneva, A Flourishing Artisan522
CHAPTER XI. — A Nursery-Tale Of Babbalanja's530
CHAPTER XII. — Landing To Visit Hivohitee The Pontiff, They Encounter An Extraordinary Old Hermit; With Whom Yoomy Has A Confidential Interview, But Learns Little532
CHAPTER XIII. — Babbalanja Endeavors To Explain The Mystery539
CHAPTER XIV. — Taji Receives Tidings And Omens541
CHAPTER XV. — Dreams543
CHAPTER XVI. — Media And Babbalanja Discourse548
CHAPTER XVII. — They Regale Themselves With Their Pipes550
CHAPTER XVIII. — They Visit An Extraordinary Old Antiquary562
CHAPTER XIX. — They Go Down Into The Catacombs569
CHAPTER XX. — Babbalanja Quotes From An Antique Pagan; And Earnestly Presses It Upon575
CHAPTER XXI. — They Visit A Wealthy Old Pauper581
CHAPTER XXII. — Yoomy Sings Some Odd Verses, And Babbalanja Quotes From The Old583
CHAPTER XXIII. — What Manner Of Men The Tapparians Were592
CHAPTER XXIV. — Their Adventures Upon Landing At Pimminee596
CHAPTER XXVI. — A Reception Day At Pimminee606
CHAPTER XXVII. — Babbalanja Falleth Upon Pimminee Tooth And Nail611
CHAPTER XXVIII. — Babbalanja Regales The Company With Some Sandwiches616
CHAPTER XXIX. — They Still Remain Upon The Rock624
CHAPTER XXX. — Behind And Before628
CHAPTER XXXI. — Babbalanja Discourses In The Dark631
CHAPTER XXXII. — My Lord Media Summons Mohi To The Stand641
CHAPTER XXXIII. — Wherein Babbalanja And Yoomy Embrace647
CHAPTER XXXIV. — Of The Isle Of Diranda652
CHAPTER XXXV. — They Visit The Lords Piko And Hello658
CHAPTER XXXVI. — They Attend The Games662
CHAPTER XXXVII. — Taji Still Hunted, And Beckoned667
CHAPTER XXXVIII. — They Embark From Diranda669
CHAPTER XXXIX. — Wherein Babbalanja Discourses Of Himself673
CHAPTER XL. — Of The Sorcerers In The Isle Of Minda683
CHAPTER XLI. — Chiefly Of Sing Bello689
CHAPTER XLII. — Dominora And Vivenza697
CHAPTER XLIII. — They Land At Dominora703
CHAPTER XLIV. — Through Dominora, They Wander After Yillah708
CHAPTER XLV. — They Behold King Bello's State Canoe712
CHAPTER XLVI. — Wherein Babbalanja Bows Thrice716
CHAPTER XLVII. — Babbalanja Philosophizes, And My Lord Media Passes Round The719
CHAPTER XLVIII. — They Sail Round An Island Without Landing; And Talk Round A Subject727
CHAPTER XLIX. — They Draw Nigh To Porpheero; Where They Behold A Terrific Eruption736
CHAPTER L. — Wherein King Media Celebrates The Glories Of Autumn, The Minstrel, The Promise Of Spring741
CHAPTER LI. — In Which Azzageddi Seems To Use Babbalanja For A Mouth-Piece743
CHAPTER LII. — The Charming Yoomy Sings753
CHAPTER LIII. — They Draw Nigh Unto Land755
CHAPTER LIV. — They Visit The Great Central Temple Of Vivenza758
CHAPTER LV. — Wherein Babbalanja Comments Upon The Speech Of Alanno767
CHAPTER LVI. — A Scene In Tee Land Of Warwicks, Or King-Makers768
CHAPTER LVII. — They Hearken Unto A Voice From The Gods770
CHAPTER LVIII. — They Visit The Extreme South Of Vivenza787
CHAPTER LIX. — They Converse Of The Mollusca, Kings, Toad-Stools And Other Matters794
CHAPTER LX. — Wherein, That Gallant Gentleman And Demi-God, King Media, Scepter In798
CHAPTER LXI. — They Round The Stormy Cape Of Capes805
CHAPTER LXII. — They Encounter Gold-Hunters808
CHAPTER LXIII. — They Seek Through The Isles Of Palms; And Pass The Isles Of Myrrh812
CHAPTER LXIV. — Concentric, Inward, With Mardi's Reef, They Leave Their Wake Around814
CHAPTER LXV. — Sailing On822
CHAPTER LXVI. — A Flight Of Nightingales From Yoomy's Mouth824
CHAPTER LXVII. — They Visit One Doxodox830
CHAPTER LXVIII. — King Media Dreams836
CHAPTER LXIX. — After A Long Interval, By Night They Are Becalmed839
CHAPTER LXX. — They Land At Hooloomooloo842
CHAPTER LXXI. — A Book From The "Ponderings Of Old Bardianna"852
CHAPTER LXXII. — Babbalanja Starts To His Feet860
CHAPTER LXXIII. — At Last, The Last Mention Is Made Of Old Bardianna; And His Last Will864
CHAPTER LXXIV. — A Death-Cloud Sweeps By Them, As They Sail871
CHAPTER LXXV. — They Visit The Palmy King Abrazza873
CHAPTER LXXVI. — Some Pleasant, Shady Talk In The Groves, Between My Lords Abrazza And878
CHAPTER LXXVIII. — They Embark910
CHAPTER LXXIX. — Babbalanja At The Full Of The Moon914
CHAPTER LXXX. — Morning917
CHAPTER LXXXI. — L'ultima Sera919
CHAPTER LXXXII. — They Sail From Night To Day925
CHAPTER LXXXIV. — Babbalanja Relates To Them A Vision941
CHAPTER LXXXV. — They Depart From Serenia950
CHAPTER LXXXVI. — They Meet The Phantoms954
CHAPTER LXXXVII. — They Draw Nigh To Flozella956
CHAPTER LXXXIX. — They Enter The Bower Of Hautia964
CHAPTER XC -- Taji With Hautia968
CHAPTER XCI. — Mardi Behind: An Ocean Before971

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Mardi and A Voyage Thither: читать книгу в оригинале на английском


Not long ago, having published two narratives of voyages in the Pacific, which, in many quarters, were received with incredulity, the thought occurred to me, of indeed writing a romance of Polynesian adventure, and publishing it as such; to see whether, the fiction might not, possibly, be received for a verity: in some degree the reverse of my previous experience.
This thought was the germ of others, which have resulted in Mardi. New York, January, 1849.


CHAPTER I — Foot In Stirrup

We are off! The courses and topsails are set: the coral-hung anchor swings from the bow: and together, the three royals are given to the breeze, that follows us out to sea like the baying of a hound. Out spreads the canvas—alow, aloft-boom-stretched, on both sides, with many a stun' sail; till like a hawk, with pinions poised, we shadow the sea with our sails, and reelingly cleave the brine.
But whence, and whither wend ye, mariners?
We sail from Ravavai, an isle in the sea, not very far northward from the tropic of Capricorn, nor very far westward from Pitcairn's island, where the mutineers of the Bounty settled. At Ravavai I had stepped ashore some few months previous; and now was embarked on a cruise for the whale, whose brain enlightens the world.
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