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«Графиня Н.» на английском языке

An Item of Fashionable Intelligence

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✒ Автор
📖 Страниц25
⏰ Время чтения 1 час 15 минут
💡 Опубликовано1897
🌏 Язык оригинала Английский
📌 Типы Рассказ , Рассказ
📌 Жанры Реализм, Ироническое, Реализм, Ироническое

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An Item of Fashionable Intelligence: читать книгу в оригинале на английском

Speaking personally, I do not like the Countess of — -. She is not the type of woman I could love. I hesitate the less giving expression to this sentiment by reason of the conviction that the Countess of — - would not be unduly depressed even were the fact to reach her ears. I cannot conceive the Countess of — -’s being troubled by the opinion concerning her of any being, human or divine, other than the Countess of — -.
But to be honest, I must admit that for the Earl of — - she makes an ideal wife. She rules him as she rules all others, relations and retainers, from the curate to the dowager, but the rod, though firmly held, is wielded with justice and kindly intent. Nor is it possible to imagine the Earl of — -’s living as contentedly as he does with any partner of a less dominating turn of mind. He is one of those weak-headed, strong-limbed, good-natured, childish men, born to be guided in all matters, from the tying of a neck-cloth to the choice of a political party, by their women folk. Such men are in clover when their proprietor happens to be a good and sensible woman, but are to be pitied when they get into the hands of the selfish or the foolish. As very young men, they too often fall victims to bad-tempered chorus girls or to middle-aged matrons of the class from which Pope judged all womankind. They make capital husbands when well managed; treated badly, they say little, but set to work, after the manner of a dissatisfied cat, to find a kinder mistress, generally succeeding. The Earl of — - adored his wife, deeming himself the most fortunate of husbands, and better testimonial than such no wife should hope for. Till the day she snatched him away from all other competitors, and claimed him for her own, he had obeyed his mother with a dutifulness bordering on folly. Were the countess to die to-morrow, he would be unable to tell you his mind on any single subject until his eldest daughter and his still unmarried sister, ladies both of strong character, attracted towards one another by a mutual antagonism, had settled between themselves which was to be mistress of him and of his house.
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