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Part I1
Part I: Dedication1
Part I: Prelude On Stage3
Part I: Prologue In Heaven11
Part I Scene I: Night16
Part I Scene II: In Front Of The City-Gate33
Part I Scene III: The Study46
Part I Scene IV: The Study57
Part I Scene V: Auerbach’s Cellar in Leipzig77
Part I Scene VI: The Witches’ Kitchen89
Part I Scene VII: A Street101
Part I Scene IX: Promenade109
Part I Scene X: The Neighbour’s House112
Part I Scene XI: The Street119
Part I Scene XII: The Garden121
Part I Scene XIII: An Arbour in the Garden127
Part I Scene XIV: Forest and Cavern128
Part I Scene XV: Gretchen’s Room134
Part I Scene XVI: Martha’s Garden135
Part I Scene XVII: At The Fountain140
Part I Scene XVIII: A Tower142
Part I Scene XIX: Night143
Part I Scene XX: The Cathedral149
Part I Scene XXI: Walpurgis Night151
Part I Scene XXII: A Walpurgis Night’s Dream Or Oberon and Titania’s Golden Wedding166
Part I Scene XXIII: Gloomy Day172
Part I Scene XXIV: Night175
Part I Scene XXV: A Dungeon176
Part II183
Act I Scene I: A Pleasant Landscape183
Part II Act I Scene II: The Emperor’s Castle: The Throne Room188
Part II Act I Scene III: A Spacious Hall with Adjoining Rooms202
Part II Act I Scene IV: A Pleasure Garden in the Morning Sun235
Part II Act I Scene V: A Gloomy Gallery244
Part II Act I Scene VI: Brilliantly Lit Halls250
Part II Act I Scene VII: The Hall of the Knights, Dimly Lit254
Part II Act II Scene I: A High-Arched, Narrow, Gothic Chamber263
Part II Act II Scene II: A Laboratory273
Part II Act II Scene III: Classical Walpurgis Night281
Part II Act II Scene IV: On The Upper Peneus Again301
Part II Act II Scene V: Rocky Coves in the Aegean Sea320
Part II Act II Scene VI: The Telchines of Rhodes330
Part II Act III Scene I: Before the Palace of Menelaus in Sparta338
Part II Act III Scene II: The Inner Court of The Castle367
Part II Act IV Scene I: High Mountains403
Part II Act IV Scene II: On the Headland417
Part II Act IV Scene III: The Rival Emperor’s Tent435
Part II Act V Scene I: Open Country448
Part II Act V Scene II: In the Little Garden451
Part II Act V Scene III: The Palace453
Part II Act V Scene IV: Dead of Night458
Part II Act V Scene V: Midnight462
Part II Act V Scene VI: The Great Outer Court of the Palace467
Part II Act V Scene VII: Mountain Gorges, Forest, Rock, Desert480

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Faust Parts I & II: читать книгу на английском

Part I

Part I: Dedication

Again you show yourselves, you wavering Forms,
Revealed, as you once were, to clouded vision.
Shall I attempt to hold you fast once more?
Heart’s willing still to suffer that illusion?
You crowd so near! Well then, you shall endure,
And rouse me, from your mist and cloud’s confusion:
My spirit feels so young again: it’s shaken
By magic breezes that your breathings waken.
You bring with you the sight of joyful days,
And many a loved shade rises to the eye:
And like some other half-forgotten phrase,
First Love returns, and Friendship too is nigh:
Pain is renewed, and sorrow: all the ways,
Life wanders in its labyrinthine flight,
Naming the good, those that Fate has robbed
Of lovely hours, those slipped from me and lost.
They can no longer hear this latest song,
Spirits, to whom I gave my early singing:
That kindly crowd itself is now long gone,
Alas, it dies away, that first loud ringing!
I bring my verses to the unknown throng,
My heart’s made anxious even by their clapping,
And those besides delighted by my verse,
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