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✒ Автор
📖 Страниц129
⏰ Время чтения 4 часа 30 минут
💡 Опубликовано1918
🌏 Язык оригинала Английский
📌 Типы Пьеса , Пьеса

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RICHARD ROWAN, a writer.
ARCHIE, their son, aged eight years.
ROBERT HAND, journalist.
BEATRICE JUSTICE, his cousin, music teacher.
BRIGID, an old servant of the Rowan family.
At Merrion and Ranelagh, suburbs of Dublin.
Summer of the year 1912.

First Act

The drawingroom in Richard Rowan's house at Merrion, asuburb of Dublin. On the right, forward, a fireplace, before whichstands a low screen. Over the mantelpiece a giltframed glass. Furtherback in the right wall, folding doors leading to the parlour andkitchen. In the wall at the back to the right a small door leading to astudy. Left of this a sideboard. On the wall above the sideboard aframed crayon drawing of a young man. More to the left double doors withglass panels leading out to the garden. In the wall at the left a windowlooking out on the road. Forward in the same wall a door leading to thehall and the upper part of the house. Between the window and door alady's davenport stands against the wall. Near it a wicker chair.In the centre of the room a round table. Chairs, upholstered in fadedgreen plush, stand round the table. To the right, forward, a smallertable with a smoking service on it. Near it an easychair and a lounge.Cocoanut mats lie before the fireplace, beside the lounge and before thedoors. The floor is of stained planking. The double doors at the backand the folding doors at the right have lace curtains, which are drawnhalfway. The lower sash of the window is lifted and the window is hungwith heavy green plush curtains. The blind is pulled down to the edge ofthe lifted lower sash. It is a warm afternoon in June and the room isfilled with soft sunlight which is waning.
[ Brigid and Beatrice Justice come in by the door on theleft. Brigid is an elderly woman,lowsized, with irongrey hair. BeatriceJustice is a slender dark young woman of 27 years. She wears awellmade navyblue costume and an elegant simply trimmed black straw hat,and carries a small portfolioshaped handbag.]
The mistress and Master Archie is at the bath. They never expected you.Did you send word you were back, Miss Justice?
No. I arrived just now.
[Points to the easychair.] Sit down and I'll tell themaster you are here. Were you long in the train?
[Sitting down.] Since morning.
Master Archie got your postcard with the views of Youghal. You'retired out, I'm sure.
O, no. [She coughs rather nervously.] Did he practise the pianowhile I was away?
[Laughs heartily.] Practice, how are you! Is it Master Archie? Heis mad after the milkman's horse now. Had you nice weather downthere, Miss Justice?
Rather wet, I think.
[Sympathetically.] Look at that now. And there is rain overheadtoo. [Moving towards the study.] I'll tell him you arehere.
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