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Margaret of Parma, (Daughter of Charles V., and Regent of the   Netherlands)
Count Egmont, (Prince of Gaure)
The Duke of Alva
William of Orange
Ferdinand, (his natural Son)
Machiavel, in the service of the Regent
Richard, (Egmont's Private Secretary)
Silva, Gomez, (in the service of Alva)
Clara, (the Beloved of Egmont)
Her Mother
Brackenburg, (a Citizen's Son), and Vansen, (a Clerk)
Soest, (a Shopkeeper), Jetter, (a Tailor), A Carpenter, A Soapboiler  (Citizens of Brussels)
Buyck, (a Hollander), a Soldier under Egmont
Ruysum, (a Frieslander), an invalid Soldier, and deaf
People, Attendants, Guards, &c.
The Scene is laid in Brussels.



Soldiers and Citizens (with cross-bows)
Jetter (steps forward, and bends his cross-bow). Soest, Buyck, Ruysum.
Soest. Come, shoot away, and have done with it! You won't beat me! Three black rings, you never made such a shot in all your life. And so I'm master for this year.
Jetter. Master and king to boot; who envies you? You'll have to pay double reckoning; 'tis only fair you should pay for your dexterity.
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