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«Тарзан и его звери» на английском языке

The Beasts of Tarzan

51 голос
✒ Автор
📖 Страниц314
⏰ Время чтения 11 часов
💡 Опубликовано1914
🌏 Язык оригинала Английский
📌 Типы Роман , Роман
📌 Жанры Приключенческое, Приключенческое

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The Beasts of Tarzan: читать книгу в оригинале на английском

Chapter I: Kidnapped

"The entire affair is shrouded in mystery," said D'Arnot. "I have it on the best of authority that neither the police nor the special agents of the general staff have the faintest conception of how it was accomplished. All they know, all that anyone knows, is that Nikolas Rokoff has escaped."
John Clayton, Lord Greystoke — he who had been "Tarzan of the Apes" — sat in silence in the apartments of his friend, Lieutenant Paul D'Arnot, in Paris, gazing meditatively at the toe of his immaculate boot.
His mind revolved many memories, recalled by the escape of his arch-enemy from the French military prison to which he had been sentenced for life upon the testimony of the ape-man.
He thought of the lengths to which Rokoff had once gone to compass his death, and he realized that what the man had already done would doubtless be as nothing by comparison with what he would wish and plot to do now that he was again free.
Tarzan had recently brought his wife and infant son to London to escape the discomforts and dangers of the rainy season upon their vast estate in Uziri — the land of the savage Waziri warriors whose broad African domains the ape-man had once ruled.
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