Аудиокнига «Похищенный» на английском языке

Обложка аудиокниги «Похищенный» на английском языке
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  • Kidnapped
  • Марк Смит
  • 08:16:42
  • 2008 год
  • роман


Preface, Dedication, Disclaimer
  • Preface, Dedication, Disclaimer11:26
  • I Journey to the House of Shaws10:45
  • I Come to My Journey’s End12:01
  • I Make Acquaintance of My Uncle16:59
  • I Run a Great Danger in the House of Shaws18:24
  • I Go to the Queen’s Ferry14:55
  • What Befell at the Queen’s Ferry11:31
  • I Go to Sea in the Brig16:23
  • The Round House11:32
  • The Man With the Belt of Gold20:13
  • Siege of the Roundhouse14:48
  • The Captain Knuckles Under10:14
  • I Hear of the Red Fox20:12
  • The Loss of the Brig12:49
  • The Islet20:06
  • The Lad With the Silver Button: Through the Isle of Mull17:39
  • The Lad With the Silver Button: Across Morven16:45
  • The Death of the Red Fox12:49
  • Talk With Alan in the Wood of Lettermore17:45
  • The House of Fear14:05
  • The Flight in the Heather: The Rocks19:09
  • The Heugh of Corrynakiegh16:20
  • The Moor17:38
  • Cluny’s Cage19:00
  • The Quarrel23:48
  • In Balquhidder15:28
  • End of the Flight: We Pass the Forth23:46
  • I Come to Mr. Rankeillor18:14
  • I Go in Quest of my Inheritance17:25
  • I Come Into My Kingdom15:40
  • Good-bye08:53



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