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Аудиокнига «Королева Марго» на английском языке


информация о версии №1

John Van Stan
Monsieur de Guise's Latin
  • Monsieur de Guise's Latin28:29
  • The Queen of Navarre's Bedchamber24:12
  • The Poet-King24:58
  • The Evening of the 24th of August, 157216:48
  • Of the Louvre in Particular, and of Virtue in General18:52
  • The Debt Paid22:02
  • The Night of the 24th of August, 157230:16
  • The Massacre22:20
  • The Murderers28:01
  • Death, Mass, or the Bastille27:51
  • The Hawthorn of the Cemetery of the Innocents23:01
  • Mutual Confidences16:07
  • How There Are Keys Which Open Doors They Are Not Meant For21:49
  • The Second Marriage Night18:36
  • What Woman Wills, God Wills31:44
  • A Dead Enemy's Body Always Smells Sweet25:39
  • Maitre Ambroise Pare's Confrere15:48
  • The Ghosts20:02
  • The Abode of Maitre Rene, Perfumer to the Queen Mother25:58
  • The Black Hens14:32
  • Madame de Sauve's Apartment19:40
  • "Sire, You Shall be King"12:03
  • A New Convert27:11
  • The Rue Tizon and the Rue Cloche Percee24:35
  • The Cherry-Colored Cloak20:45
  • Margarita15:51
  • The Hand of God12:02
  • The Letter from Rome13:12
  • The Departure12:17
  • Maurevel09:40
  • The Hunt17:37
  • Fraternity16:10
  • The Gratitude of King Charles IX14:03
  • Man Proposes But God Disposes21:50
  • A Night of Kings15:48
  • The Anagram12:15
  • The Return to the Louvre22:28
  • The Girdle of the Queen Mother18:57
  • Projects of Revenge28:17
  • The Atrides23:15
  • The Horoscope15:46
  • Confidences21:54
  • The Ambassadors13:57
  • Orestes and Plyades18:19
  • Orthon22:54
  • The Inn of la Belle Etoile17:40
  • De Mouy de Saint Phale13:50
  • Two Heads for One Crown24:09
  • The Treatise on Hunting14:44
  • Hawking18:24
  • The Pavilion of Francois I16:26
  • The Examination19:56
  • Acteon14:06
  • The Forest of Vincennes13:48
  • The Figure of Wax23:45
  • The Invisible Bucklers13:56
  • The Judges19:55
  • The Torture of the Boot18:03
  • The Chapel09:46
  • The Place Saint Jean en Greve10:52
  • The Headsman's Tower18:39
  • The Sweat of Blood10:16
  • The Donjon of the Prison of Vincennes09:48
  • The Regency09:39
  • The King is Dead! Long Love the King!11:49
  • Epilogue16:50


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