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«The Headless Horseman» in Russian

Book The Headless Horseman in Russian

Всадник без головы

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Detective , Children's literature , Adventure novel
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Table of contents


Chapter One. The Burnt Prairie5
Chapter Two. The Trail of the Lazo16
Chapter Three. The Prairie Finger-Post28
Chapter Four. The Black Norther36
Chapter Five. The Home of the Horse-Hunter47
Chapter Six. The Spotted Mustang58
Chapter Seven. Nocturnal Annoyances71
Chapter Eight. The Crawl of the Alacran82
Chapter Nine. The Frontier Fort89
Chapter Ten. Casa Del Corvo99
Chapter Eleven. An Unexpected Arrival108
Chapter Twelve. Taming a Wild Mare119
Chapter Thirteen. A Prairie Pic-Nic132
Chapter Fourteen. The Manada139
Chapter Fifteen. The Runaway Overtaken147
Chapter Sixteen. Chased by Wild Stallions156
Chapter Seventeen. The Mustang Trap166
Chapter Eighteen. Jealousy upon the Trail176
Chapter Nineteen. Whisky and Water193
Chapter Twenty. An Unsafe Position205
Chapter Twenty One. A Duel within Doors214
Chapter Twenty Two. An Unknown Donor221
Chapter Twenty Three. Vows of Vengeance231
Chapter Twenty Four. On the Azotea237
Chapter Twenty Five. A Gift Ungiven244
Chapter Twenty Six. Still on the Azotea254
Chapter Twenty Seven. I Love You!—I Love You!260
Chapter Twenty Eight. A Pleasure Forbidden267
Chapter Twenty Nine. El Coyote at Home274
Chapter Thirty. A Sagittary Correspondence279
Chapter Thirty One. A Stream Cleverly Crossed285
Chapter Thirty Two. Light and Shade290
Chapter Thirty Three. A Torturing Discovery296
Chapter Thirty Four. A Chivalrous Dictation303
Chapter Thirty Five310
Chapter Thirty Six. Three Travellers on the same Track317
Chapter Thirty Seven. A Man Missing325
Chapter Thirty Eight. The Avengers332
Chapter Thirty Nine. The Pool of Blood337
Chapter Forty. The Marked Bullet346
Chapter Forty One. Cuatro Cavalleros354
Chapter Forty Two. Vultures on the Wing363
Chapter Forty Three. The Cup and the Jar374
Chapter Forty Four. A Quartette of Comanches384
Chapter Forty Five. A Trail gone Blind398
Chapter Forty Six. A Secret Confided410
Chapter Forty Seven. An Intercepted Epistle421
Chapter Forty Eight. Isidora429
Chapter Forty Nine. The Lazo Unloosed443
Chapter Fifty. A Conflict with Coyotes454
Chapter Fifty One. Twice Intoxicated462
Chapter Fifty Two. An Awakener470
Chapter Fifty Three. Just in Time480
Chapter Fifty Four. A Prairie Palanquin490
Chapter Fifty Five. Un Dia de Novedades498
Chapter Fifty Six. A Shot at the Devil514
Chapter Fifty Seven. Sounding the Signal528
Chapter Fifty Eight. Recoiling from a Kiss538
Chapter Fifty Nine. Another who cannot rest549
Chapter Sixty. A Fair Informer557
Chapter Sixty One. Angels on Earth567
Chapter Sixty Two. Waiting for the Cue577
Chapter Sixty Three. A Jury of Regulators587
Chapter Sixty Four. A Series of Interludes597
Chapter Sixty Five. Still another Interlude607
Chapter Sixty Six. Chased by Comanches617
Chapter Sixty Seven. Los Indios!625
Chapter Sixty Eight. The Disappointed Campaigners632
Chapter Sixty Nine. Mystery and Mourning642
Chapter Seventy. Go, Zeb, and God Speed You!651
Chapter Seventy One. The Sorell Horse658
Chapter Seventy Two. Zeb Stump on the Trail669
Chapter Seventy Three. The Prairie Island677
Chapter Seventy Four. A Solitary Stalker683
Chapter Seventy Five. On the Trail688
Chapter Seventy Six. Lost in the Chalk693
Chapter Seventy Seven. Another Link701
Chapter Seventy Eight. A Horse-Swop707
Chapter Seventy Nine. An Untiring Tracker716
Chapter Eighty. A Doorway Well Watched721
Chapter Eighty One. Heads Down—Heels Up!729
Chapter Eighty Two. A Queer Parcel737
Chapter Eighty Three. Limbs of the Law743
Chapter Eighty Four. An Affectionate Nephew747
Chapter Eighty Five. A Kind Cousin757
Chapter Eighty Six. A Texan Court767
Chapter Eighty Seven. A False Witness776
Chapter Eighty Eight. An Unwilling Witness784
Chapter Eighty Nine. The Confession of the Accused793
Chapter Ninety. A Court Quickly Cleared799
Chapter Ninety One. A Chase through a Thicket804
Chapter Ninety Two. A Reluctant Return809
Chapter Ninety Three. A Body Beheaded816
Chapter Ninety Four. The Mystery Made Clear824
Chapter Ninety Five. The Last Witness834
Chapter Ninety Six. Stole Away!846
Chapter Ninety Seven. The Chase of the Assassin853
Chapter Ninety Eight. Not Dead yet859
Chapter Ninety Nine. Attempted Murder and Suicide865
Chapter One Hundred. Joy871

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Всадник без головы: read the book with parallel translation into English



Техасский олень, дремавший в тиши ночной саванны, вздрагивает, услышав топот лошадиных копыт.
The stag of Texas, reclining in midnight lair, is startled from his slumbers by the hoofstroke of a horse.
Но он не покидает своего зеленого ложа, даже не встает на ноги.
He does not forsake his covert, nor yet rise to his feet.
Не ему одному принадлежат эти просторы -- дикие степные лошади тоже пасутся здесь по ночам.
His domain is shared by the wild steeds of the savannah, given to nocturnal straying.
Он только слегка поднимает голову--над высокой травой показываются его рога--и слушает: не повторится ли звук?
He only uprears his head; and, with antlers o’ertopping the tall grass, listens for a repetition of the sound.
Снова доносится топот копыт, но теперь он звучит иначе.
Again is the hoofstroke heard, but with altered intonation.
Можно различить звон металла, удар стали о камень.
There is a ring of metal—the clinking of steel against stone.
Этот звук, такой тревожный для оленя, вызывает быструю перемену в его поведении.
The sound, significant to the ear of the stag, causes a quick change in his air and attitude.
Он стремительно вскакивает и мчится по прерии; но скоро он останавливается и оглядывается назад, недоумевая: кто потревожил его сон?
Springing clear of his couch, and bounding a score of yards across the prairie, he pauses to look back upon the disturber of his dreams.
В ясном лунном свете южной ночи олень узнает злейшего своего врага -- человека.
In the clear moonlight of a southern sky, he recognises the most ruthless of his enemies—man.
Человек приближается верхом на лошади.
One is approaching upon horseback.
Охваченный инстинктивным страхом, олень готов уже снова бежать, но что-то в облике всадника-- что-то неестественное -- приковывает его к месту.
Yielding to instinctive dread, he is about to resume his flight: when something in the appearance of the horseman—some unnatural seeming—holds him transfixed to the spot.
Дрожа, он почти садится на задние ноги, поворачивает назад голову и продолжает смотреть--в его больших карих глазах отражаются страх и недоумение.
With haunches in quivering contact with the sward, and frontlet faced to the rear, he continues to gaze—his large brown eyes straining upon the intruder in a mingled expression of fear and bewilderment.
Что же заставило оленя так долго вглядываться в странную фигуру?
What has challenged the stag to such protracted scrutiny?
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