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«The wilful child» in Italian

Il bambino capriccioso

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💡 Originally published1815
🌏 Original language German
📌 Types Fairy tale , Fairy tale
📌 Genres Psychological, Parable, Psychological

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Il bambino capriccioso: read the book with parallel translation into English

C'era una volta un bambino capriccioso che non faceva mai quello che voleva la mamma. Per questo il buon Dio ne era scontento e lo fece ammalare, tanto che nessun medico pot‚ salvarlo e presto egli giacque sul letto di morte. Quando fu adagiato nella fossa e coperto di terra, d'un tratto spuntò fuori il suo braccino e si tese in alto; lo misero dentro e tornarono a coprirlo di terra fresca, ma era inutile: il braccino continuava a tornare fuori. Allora la madre stessa dovette andare alla tomba, e batterlo sul braccino con una verga; quando l'ebbe fatto il braccino si ritrasse e il bimbo ebbe finalmente pace sotto terra.
Once upon a time there was a child who was willful, and would not dowh at her mother wished. For this reason God had no pleasure in her, and let her become ill, and no doctor could do her any good, and in a short time she lay on her death-bed. When she had been lowered into her grave, and the earth was spread over her, all at once her arm came out again, and stretched upwards, and when they had put it in and spread fresh earth over it, it was all to no purpose, for the arm always came out again. Then the mother herself was obliged to go to the grave, and strike the arm with a rod, and when she had done that, it was drawn in, and then at last the child had rest beneath the ground.
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