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«The star-money» in Spanish

El dinero llovido del cielo

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✒ Author
📖 Pages1
⏰ Reading time 10 minutes
💡 Originally published1812
🌏 Original language German
📌 Type Fairy tale
📌 Genres Children's literature, Philosophical, Parable

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El dinero llovido del cielo: read the book with parallel translation into English

Había una vez una niña que era huérfana y vivía en tan extremada pobreza que no tenía ni cuarto ni cama donde dormir, no poseyendo más que el vestido que cubría su cuerpo y un pedacito de pan que la había dado un alma caritativa; pero era muy buena y muy piadosa. Como se veía abandonada de todos, se puso en camino, confiando en Dios.
There was once on a time a little girl whose father and mother were dead, and she was so poor that she no longer had any little room to live in, or bed to sleep in, and at last she had nothing else but the clothes she was wearing and a little bit of bread in her hand which some charitable soul had given her. She was, however, good and pious. And as she was thus forsaken by all the world, she went forth into the open country, trusting in the good God.
A los pocos pasos encontró un pobre que la dijo: "¡Si me pudieras dar algo de comer, porque tengo tanta hambre!" Y ella le dio todo su pan diciéndole: "Dios te ayude." Y continuó andando. Poco después encontró un niño que lloraba, diciendo: "Tengo frío en la cabeza, dame algo para cubrirme." Se quitó su gorro y se le dio. Un poco más allá vio otro que estaba medio helado porque no tenía jubón y le dio el suyo; otro por último la pidió su saya y se la dio también. Siendo ya de noche llegó a un bosque, donde halló otro niño que la pidió la camisa. La caritativa niña pensó para sí: "La noche es muy oscura, nadie me verá, bien puedo darle mi camisa." Y se la dio también.
Then a poor man met her, who said: "Ah, give me something to eat, I am so hungry!" She reached him the whole of her piece of bread, and said: "May God bless it to thy use," and went onwards. Then came a child who moaned and said: "My head is so cold, give me something to cover it with." So she took off her hood and gave it to him; and when she had walked a little farther, she met another child who had no jacket and was frozen with cold. Then she gave it her own; and a little farther on one begged for a frock, and she gave away that also. At length she got into a forest and it had already become dark, and there came yet another child, and asked for a little shirt, and the good little girl thought to herself: "It is a dark night and no one sees thee, thou canst very well give thy little shirt away," and took it off, and gave away that also.
Ya no la quedaba nada que dar. Pero en el mismo instante comenzaron a caer las estrellas del cielo y al llegar a la tierra se volvían hermosas monedas de oro y plata, y aunque se había quitado la camisa se encontró con otra enteramente nueva y de tela mucho más fina. Reunió todo el dinero y quedó rica para toda su vida.
And as she so stood, and had not one single thing left, suddenly some stars from heaven fell down, and they were nothing else but hard smooth pieces of money, and although she had just given her little shirt away, she had a new one which was of the very finest linen. Then she gathered together the money into this, and was rich all the days of her life.
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