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Osceola the Seminole

Book Osceola the Seminole
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✒ Author
📖 Pages 589
⏰ Reading time 23 hours 30 minutes
💡 Originally published 1858
🌏 Original language English
📌 Types Biography and memoirs , Novels
📌 Genres Detective , Children's literature , Historical , Adventure , Prose , Social
📌 Sections Historical novel , Adventure novel , Social novel

Table of contents


Chapter One. The Flowery Land 1
Chapter Two. The Indigo Plantation 5
Chapter Three. The Two Jakes 11
Chapter Four. The Hommock 16
Chapter Five. Yellow Jake 22
Chapter Six. The Alligator 26
Chapter Seven. The Turtle-Crawl 31
Chapter Eight. The King Vultures 40
Chapter Nine. The Bath 48
Chapter Ten. The “Half-Blood.” 54
Chapter Eleven. The Chase 61
Chapter Twelve. A Severe Sentence 68
Chapter Thirteen. The Chase 75
Chapter Fourteen. Ringgold’s Revenge 83
Chapter Fifteen. Maümee 89
Chapter Sixteen. The Island 97
Chapter Seventeen. West Point 106
Chapter Eighteen. The Seminoles 113
Chapter Nineteen. An Indian Hero 121
Chapter Twenty. Frontier Justice 126
Chapter Twenty One. Indian Slaves 132
Chapter Twenty Two. A Circuitous Transaction 137
Chapter Twenty Three 143
Chapter Twenty Four. A Strange Apparition 148
Chapter Twenty Five. Who Fired the Shot? 154
Chapter Twenty Six. A Frontier Fort 159
Chapter Twenty Seven. The Council 167
Chapter Twenty Eight. The Rising Sun 177
Chapter Twenty Nine. The Ultimatum 182
Chapter Thirty. Talk over the Table 190
Chapter Thirty One. The Traitor Chiefs 198
Chapter Thirty Two. Shadows in the Water 207
Chapter Thirty Three. Haj-Ewa 213
Chapter Thirty Four. A Pretty Plot 222
Chapter Thirty Five. Light after Darkness 228
Chapter Thirty Six. In Need of a Friend 236
Chapter Thirty Seven. The Final Assembly 241
Chapter Thirty Eight. Cashiering the Chiefs 247
Chapter Thirty Nine. The Signature of Osceola 256
Chapter Forty. “Fighting Gallagher.” 264
Chapter Forty One. Provoking a Duel 269
Chapter Forty Two. The Challenge 274
Chapter Forty Three. The Assignation 280
Chapter Forty Four. An Eclaircissement 287
Chapter Forty Five. Two Duels in One Day 295
Chapter Forty Six. A Silent Declaration 301
Chapter Forty Seven. The Captive 307
Chapter Forty Eight. The War-Cry 312
Chapter Forty Nine. War to the Knife 319
Chapter Fifty. Tracing a Strange Horseman 324
Chapter Fifty One. Who was the Rider? 330
Chapter Fifty Two. Cold Courtesy 336
Chapter Fifty Three. My Sister’s Spirit 341
Chapter Fifty Four. Asking an Explanation 345
Chapter Fifty Five. The Volunteers 352
Chapter Fifty Six. Mysterious Changes 357
Chapter Fifty Seven. My Informant 361
Chapter Fifty Eight. Old Hickman 367
Chapter Fifty Nine. A Hasty Messenger 373
Chapter Sixty. A Lover’s Gift 377
Chapter Sixty One. The Route 385
Chapter Sixty Two. A Knock on the Head 391
Chapter Sixty Three. An Indian Executioner 396
Chapter Sixty Four. A Banquet with a Bad Ending 404
Chapter Sixty Five. “Dade’s Massacre.” 411
Chapter Sixty Six. The Battle-Ground 415
Chapter Sixty Seven. The Battle of “Ouithlacoochee.” 420
Chapter Sixty Eight. A Victory Ending in a Retreat 428
Chapter Sixty Nine. Another “Swamp-Fight.” 433
Chapter Seventy. The Talk 438
Chapter Seventy One. Mysterious Disappearance of an Army 444
Chapter Seventy Two. The Condition of Black Jake 449
Chapter Seventy Three. A Bad Spectacle 453
Chapter Seventy Four. To the Trail 458
Chapter Seventy Five. The Alarm 463
Chapter Seventy Six. A False Alarm 467
Chapter Seventy Seven. “A Split Trail.” 471
Chapter Seventy Eight. Crossing the Savanna 477
Chapter Seventy Nine 481
Chapter Eighty. Signal Shots 487
Chapter Eighty One. An Empty Camp 493
Chapter Eighty Two. A Dead Forest 497
Chapter Eighty Three. A Circular Conflict 504
Chapter Eighty Four. A Dead Shot by Jake 510
Chapter Eighty Five. A Meagre Meal 516
Chapter Eighty Six. A Bullet from Behind 521
Chapter Eighty Seven. A Jury Amid the Fire 527
Chapter Eighty Eight. Quick Executioners 532
Chapter Eighty Nine. An Enemy Unlooked For 538
Chapter Ninety. A Conflict in Darkness 543
Chapter Ninety One. The Black Plumes 551
Chapter Ninety Two. Buried Alive 555
Chapter Ninety Three. Devils or Angels 562
Chapter Ninety Four. The End of Arens Ringgold 569
Chapter Ninety Five. The Death Warning 578
Chapter Ninety Six. Osceola’s Fate—Conclusion 583

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Chapter One. The Flowery Land

Linda Florida! fair land of flowers!
Thus hailed thee the bold Spanish adventurer, as standing upon the prow of his caravel, he first caught sight of thy shores.
It was upon the Sunday of Palms—the festival of the flowers—and the devout Castilian beheld in thee a fit emblem of the day.
Under the influence of a pious thought, he gave thee its name, and well deservedst thou the proud appellation.
That was three hundred years ago.
Three full cycles have rolled past, since the hour of thy baptismal ceremony; but the title becomes thee as ever.
Thy floral bloom is as bright at this hour as when Leon landed upon thy shores—ay, bright as when the breath of God first called thee into being.
Thy forests are still virgin and inviolate; verdant thy savannas; thy groves as fragrant as ever—those perfumed groves of aniseed and orange, of myrtle and magnolia.
Still sparkles upon thy plains the cerulean ixia; still gleam in thy waters the golden nymphae; above thy swamps yet tower the colossal cypress, the gigantic cedar, the gum, and the bay-tree; still over thy gentle slopes of silvery sand wave long-leaved pines, mingling their acetalous foliage with the frondage of the palm.
Strange anomaly of vegetation; the tree of the north, and the tree of the south—the types of the frigid and torrid—in this thy mild mid region, standing side by side, and blending their branches together!
Linda Florida! who can behold thee without peculiar emotion? without conviction that thou art a favoured land? Gazing upon thee, one ceases to wonder at the faith—the wild faith of the early adventurers—that from thy bosom gushed forth the fountain of youth, the waters of eternal life!
No wonder the sweet fancy found favour and credence; no wonder so delightful an idea had its crowds of devotees.
Thousands came from afar, to find rejuvenescence by bathing in thy crystal streams—thousands sought it, with far more eagerness than the white metal of Mexico, or the yellow gold of Peru; in the search thousands grew older instead of younger, or perished in pursuit of the vain illusion; but who could wonder?
Even at this hour, one can scarcely think it an illusion; and in that age of romance, it was still easier of belief.
A new world had been discovered, why not a new theory of life?
Men looked upon a land where the leaves never fell, and the flowers never faded. The bloom was eternal—eternal the music of the birds. There was no winter—no signs of death or decay.
Natural, then, the fancy, and easy the faith, that in such fair land man too might be immortal.
The delusion has long since died away, but not the beauty that gave birth to it.
Thou, Florida, art still the same—still art thou emphatically the land of flowers.
Thy groves are as green, thy skies as bright, thy waters as diaphanous as ever. There is no change in the loveliness of thy aspect.
And yet I observe a change.
The scene is the same, but not the characters!
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