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The Devil and his Grandmother

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📖 Pages 6
⏰ Reading time 20 minutes
💡 Originally published 1815
🌏 Original language German
📌 Type Fairy tale
📌 Genres Children's literature , Adventure , Parable

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There was a great war, and the King had many soldiers, but gave them small pay, so small that they could not live upon it, so three of them agreed among themselves to desert.
One of them said to the others,
"If we are caught we shall be hanged on the gallows; how shall we manage it?"
Another said,
"Look at that great cornfield, if we were to hide ourselves there, no one could find us; the troops are not allowed to enter it, and to-morrow they are to march away."
They crept into the corn, only the troops did not march away, but remained lying all round about it.
They stayed in the corn for two days and two nights, and were so hungry that they all but died, but if they had come out, their death would have been certain.
Then said they,
"What is the use of our deserting if we have to perish miserably here?"
But now a fiery dragon came flying through the air, and it came down to them, and asked why they had concealed themselves there?
They answered,
"We are three soldiers who have deserted because the pay was so bad, and now we shall have to die of hunger if we stay here, or to dangle on the gallows if we go out."
"If you will serve me for seven years," said the dragon,
"I will convey you through the army so that no one shall seize you."
- "We have no choice and are compelled to accept," they replied.
Then the dragon caught hold of them with his claws, and carried them away through the air over the army, and put them down again on the earth far from it; but the dragon was no other than the Devil.
He gave them a small whip and said,
"Whip with it and crack it, and then as much gold will spring up round about as you can wish for; then you can live like great lords, keep horses, and drive your carriages, but when the seven years have come to an end, you are my property."
Then he put before them a book which they were all three forced to sign.
"I will, however, then set you a riddle," said he, "and if you can guess that, you shall be free, and released from my power."
Then the dragon flew away from them, and they went away with their whip, had gold in plenty, ordered themselves rich apparel, and travelled about the world.
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