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The Love of Thee Oranges

✒ Author
📖 Pages44
⏰ Reading time 1 hour 30 minutes
💡 Originally published1761
🌏 Original language Italian
📌 Types Plays , Novels , Fairy tale
📌 Genres Dramaturgy, Сomedy, Adventure, Parable
📌 Sections Adventure novel , Comedy novel

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Speaker of the Prologue
Silvio, King of Hearts, monarch of an imaginary kingdom; he is costumed like the figure on the playing cards
Prince Tartaglia, son of Silvio, heir to the throne
Pantalone, male servant and adviser to the King
Prince Clarice, niece to the King, second in line of succession to the throne
Truffaldino, a famous jester, later servant to Prince Tartaglia
Leonardo, First Minister of the realm; he is costumed like the Jack of Hearts on the playing cards
Brighella, a male servant to Leonardo
Celio, a good wizard
Fata Morgana, an evil witch
Farfarello, a devil
The Wind God, a mime role
Smeraldina, a female servant to Fata Morgana
A girl dressed in white (formerly an orange)
Another girl dressed in white (formerly an orange)
Princess Ninetta, another girl dressed in white (also formerly an orange)
Two country bumpkins
Creonta, an evil witch
A gate, a dog, a rope, and a cook
Palace guards and servants
The time is the imaginary present.


SPEAKER OF THE PROLOGUE: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! But your humble servants, the actors of the old commedia dell’arte, are confused and embarrassed. They are standing there, behind the scenes, with their hands over their ears and with sad faces. And that isn’t enough, because they can still hear people say: “They are dried out.” “They always give the audience the same old comedies that stink of mold.” “They’re an affront, a farce, a joke, and a cheat.”
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