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Audiobook «The Oval Portrait»

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Mystique, Psychological, Horror, Fantastic Fiction
Mystical novel , Psychological novel

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information about the version №1

narrated by
Chiquito Crasto, Don Alsup, beaglemixtape, Robert Dixon, John Van Stan, Jan Moorehouse, Martin Reyto, Alex Clarke, C
run time
The Mystery of Joseph Laquedem
  • The Mystery of Joseph Laquedem42:38
  • The Cask of Amontillado13:17
  • The Oval Portrait07:14
  • On the River14:22
  • The Valley of Spiders23:47
  • The Imp of the Perverse16:36
  • The Eyes42:31
  • Let Loose40:29
  • August Heat13:40
  • Eleonora15:16
  • The Black Cat29:35
  • The Tell-Tale Heart16:07
  • The Raven07:02
  • The Mummy's Foot31:42
  • The Truth about Pyecraft24:41
  • The Realm of the Unreal15:15
  • The Stolen Body37:10
  • The Premature Burial37:35
  • Dracula's Guest34:08

information about the version №2

narrated by
Eagle 31 Productions, Chiquito Crasto, loubet, Bill Mosley, Gregg Margarite (1957-2012), Clay Beauchamp, Lars Rolander (1942-2016), Jason Bennett, Oliver Evans, Tim Bartus, James Rogers, Allan Bar, Bob Neufeld
run time
The Tell-Tale Heart
  • The Tell-Tale Heart11:16
  • The White Villa29:36
  • The Oval Portrait09:23
  • The Christmas Goblins09:31
  • A Dark Mirror08:40
  • Accessory Before the Fact16:38
  • Gods of the North20:52
  • Polaris10:30
  • The Rose Garden28:32
  • The Dip of the Road16:13
  • The Mysterious Portrait20:00
  • The Black Cat21:57
  • The Damned Thing23:10
  • The Terror of the Twins19:15
  • Poetry and the Gods20:08
  • The Lame Priest33:01
  • The Light in the Dormitory29:18
  • The Facts In The Case Of M. Valdemar27:26
  • Many Waters Cannot Quench Love20:56
  • The Black Cat29:59

information about the version №3

narrated by
Tony Addison, Dan Gurzynski, Chuck Williamson, Lynne T, Frank Espaillat, VfkaBT, HarthStonebrew, J Kyle Sullivan, Tony Scheinman, Austin Lim, Jennifer Dallman, Michelle Kane, Jonathan Paul Arnold, Colleen McMahon
run time
The Finest Story
  • The Finest Story01:10:36
  • Dickon the Devil29:39
  • Schalken the Painter01:06:51
  • The Man Who Found Out41:36
  • The Untold Sequel to the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde42:00
  • The New Catacomb33:42
  • The Goblin’s Collection18:34
  • Dagon13:07
  • The White Feather Hex33:15
  • The Ogre of Rashomon14:14
  • The Alchemist26:50
  • The Oval Portrait07:29
  • Silence: A Fable10:31
  • August Heat12:35
  • The Cats of Ulthar08:16
  • The Substitute23:08
  • The Tell Tale Heart13:53
  • Lost Hearts23:25
  • The Wood of the Dead34:38
  • The Phantom Town08:51

information about the version №4

narrated by
Bellona Times, Paul Dalsky, thechanneler, Michele Fry, Claudia Salto, Julia Niedermaier, Lars Rolander (1942-2016), Paul Rizik, Martin Reyto, Elizabeth Klett, Phil Schempf, Charlene Modeste
run time
  • Gooseberries31:15
  • My Kinsman, Major Molineux53:03
  • A Hunger Artist23:49
  • Hop Frog24:56
  • Laughing Bill Hyde, Part 153:16
  • Laughing Bill Hyde, Part 244:12
  • A Ramble in Aphasia36:09
  • Krambambuli22:34
  • Our Lady's Child11:49
  • The Golden Poppy26:12
  • Circumvented25:01
  • The Cossack10:08
  • The Trial For Murder32:26
  • The Oval Portrait10:47
  • Leave it to Jeeves37:17
  • A Horseman in the Sky15:19
  • Michael, A Pastoral Poem26:13
  • Memoirs of a Madman53:36
  • The Ambitious Guest21:40
  • A Carnival Jangle09:16

information about the version №5

narrated by
Wes Kingston, RK Wilcox, Ryan Traub, Nick Gisburne, Clive Catterall, Alex C. Telander, gregnkim, Toby Paradis, Michelle Sullivan
run time
The Hidden Beast
  • The Hidden Beast06:15
  • An Old Woman's Tale24:39
  • The Oval Portrait06:05
  • The Phantom Coach30:39
  • The Ring of Thoth44:36
  • The Silver Mirror18:36
  • Staley Fleming's Hallucination05:05
  • The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost27:19
  • The Tale of the Mysterious Mirror47:13
  • The Yellow Wallpaper32:07

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