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Audiobook «Sister Carrie»

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Love, Historical, Prose, Psychological, Realism, Social
Love history , Historical novel , Love story , Psychological novel , Realistic novel , Social novel

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narrated by
J. M. Smallheer, zinniz, Sheila Morton, spiderman0521, Andrea, Bob Sage, Roger Melin
run time
The Magnet Attracting: A Waif Amid Forces
  • The Magnet Attracting: A Waif Amid Forces17:39
  • What Poverty Threatened: Of Granite and Brass12:20
  • We Question of Fortune: Four-fifty a Week20:59
  • The Spendings of Fancy: Facts Answer with Sneers24:26
  • A Glittering Night Flower: The Use of a Name16:01
  • The Machine and the Maiden: A Knight of Today25:45
  • The Lure of the Material: Beauty Speaks for Itself24:14
  • Intimations By Winter: An Ambassador Summoned16:26
  • Convention's Own Tinder-Box: The Eye That Is Green14:58
  • The Counsel Of Winter: Fortune's Ambassador Calls17:04
  • The Persuasion Of Fashion: Feeling Guards O'er Its Own19:45
  • Of The Lamps Of The Mansions: The Ambassador's Plea17:42
  • His Credentials Accepted: A Babel Of Tongues17:56
  • With Eyes And Not Seeing: One Influence Wanes13:04
  • The Irk Of The Old Ties: The Magic Of Youth35:16
  • A Witless Aladdin: The Gate To The World18:46
  • A Glimpse Through The Gateway: Hope Lightens The Eye18:49
  • Just Over The Border: A Hail And Farewell12:38
  • An Hour In Elfland: A Clamour Half Heard27:28
  • The Lure Of The Spirit: The Flesh In Pursuit16:32
  • The Lure Of The Spirit: The Flesh In Pursuit09:47
  • The Blaze Of The Tinder: Flesh Wars With The Flesh24:50
  • A Spirit In Travail: One Rung Put Behind23:13
  • Ashes Of Tinder: A Face At The Window09:35
  • Ashes Of Tinder: The Loosing Of Stays09:32
  • The Ambassador Fallen: A Search For The Gate22:49
  • When Waters Engulf Us We Reach For A Star21:27
  • A Pilgrim, An Outlaw: The Spirit Detained23:34
  • The Solace Of Travel: The Boats Of The Sea28:42
  • The Kingdom Of Greatness: The Pilgrim Adream19:02
  • A Pet Of Good Fortune: Broadway Flaunts Its Joys24:14
  • The Feast Of Belshazzar: A Seer To Translate34:50
  • Without The Walled City: The Slope Of The Years21:14
  • The Grind Of The Millstones: A Sample Of Chaff21:00
  • The Passing Of Effort: The Visage Of Care25:17
  • A Grim Retrogression: The Phantom Of Chance24:00
  • The Spirit Awakens: New Search For The Gate20:59
  • In Elf Land Disporting: The Grim World Without25:43
  • Of Lights And Of Shadows: The Parting Of Worlds28:36
  • A Public Dissension: A Final Appeal22:02
  • The Strike41:41
  • A Touch Of Spring: The Empty Shell26:45
  • The World Turns Flatterer: An Eye In The Dark23:38
  • And This Is Not Elf Land: What Gold Will Not Buy26:59
  • Curious Shifts Of The Poor43:50
  • Stirring Troubled Waters27:38
  • The Way Of The Beaten: A Harp In The Wind48:35

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