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Audiobook «American Notes»

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Adventure, Prose
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Dedication and Prefaces
  • Dedication and Prefaces04:10
  • Going Away19:57
  • The Passage Out33:34
  • Boston, part one49:48
  • Boston, part two39:52
  • An American Railroad. Lowell and its Factory System20:39
  • Worcester. The Connecticut River. Hartford. New Haven. To New York20:09
  • New York41:13
  • Philadelphia, and its Solitary Prison35:51
  • Washington. The Legislature. And the President’s House38:35
  • A Night Steamer on the Potomac River. Virginia Road, and a Black Driver. Richmond. Baltimore. The Harrisburg Mail, and a Glimpse of the City. A Canal Boat40:19
  • Some further Account of the Canal Boat, its Domestic Economy, and its Passengers. Journey to Pittsburg across the Alleghany Mountains. Pittsburg24:28
  • From Pittsburg to Cincinnati in a Western Steamboat. Cincinnati21:38
  • From Cincinnati to Louisville in another Western Steamboat; and from Louisville to St. Louis in another. St. Louis26:49
  • A Jaunt to the Looking-glass Prairie and back19:08
  • Return to Cincinnati. A Stage-coach Ride from that City to Columbus, and thence to Sandusky. So, by Lake Erie, to the Falls of Niagara37:40
  • In Canada; Toronto; Kingston; Montreal; Quebec; St. John’s. In the United States again; Lebanon; The Shaker Village; West Point42:43
  • The Passage Home18:53
  • Slavery35:04
  • Concluding Remarks - Postscript24:47

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