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Audiobook «The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn»

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Children's literature, Drama, Adventure, Realism, Social, Humor
Adventure novel , Realistic novel , Social novel , Humor novel

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narrated by
Phil Chenevert
run time
CHAPTER I. Civilizing Huck.—Miss Watson.—Tom Sawyer Waits
  • CHAPTER I. Civilizing Huck.—Miss Watson.—Tom Sawyer Waits10:44
  • CHAPTER II. The Boys Escape Jim.—Torn Sawyer's Gang.—Deep-laid Plans.14:49
  • CHAPTER III. A Good Going-over.—Grace Triumphant.—"One of Tom Sawyers's Lies".10:43
  • CHAPTER IV. Huck and the Judge.—Superstition.08:47
  • CHAPTER V. Huck's Father.—The Fond Parent.—Reform.10:55
  • CHAPTER VI. He Went for Judge Thatcher.—Huck Decided to Leave.—Political Economy.—Thrashing Around.18:12
  • CHAPTER VII. Laying for Him.—Locked in the Cabin.—Sinking the Body.—Resting.15:27
  • CHAPTER VIII. Sleeping in the Woods.—Raising the Dead.—Exploring the Island.—Finding Jim.—Jim's Escape.—Signs.—Balum.27:26
  • CHAPTER IX. The Cave.—The Floating House.09:41
  • CHAPTER X. The Find.—Old Hank Bunker.—In Disguise.08:27
  • CHAPTER XI. Huck and the Woman.—The Search.—Prevarication.—Going to Goshen.17:40
  • CHAPTER XII. Slow Navigation.—Borrowing Things.—Boarding the Wreck.—The Plotters.—Hunting for the Boat.18:10
  • CHAPTER XIII. Escaping from the Wreck.—The Watchman.—Sinking.12:22
  • CHAPTER XIV. A General Good Time.—The Harem.—French.09:51
  • CHAPTER XV. Huck Loses the Raft.—In the Fog.—Huck Finds the Raft.—Trash.14:44
  • CHAPTER XVI. Expectation.—A White Lie.—Floating Currency.—Running by Cairo.—Swimming Ashore.20:21
  • CHAPTER XVII. An Evening Call.—The Farm in Arkansaw.—Interior Decorations.—Stephen Dowling Bots.—Poetical Effusions.20:41
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Col. Grangerford.—Aristocracy.—Feuds.—The Testament.—Recovering the Raft.—The Wood—pile.—Pork and Cabbage.28:53
  • CHAPTER XIX. Tying Up Day—times.—An Astronomical Theory.—Running a Temperance Revival.—The Duke of Bridgewater.—The Troubles of Royalty.20:55
  • CHAPTER XX. Huck Explains.—Laying Out a Campaign.—Working the Camp—meeting.—A Pirate at the Camp—meeting.—The Duke as a Printer.21:26
  • CHAPTER XXI. Sword Exercise.—Hamlet's Soliloquy.—They Loafed Around Town.—A Lazy Town.—Old Boggs.—Dead.23:21
  • CHAPTER XXII. Sherburn.—Attending the Circus.—Intoxication in the Ring.—The Thrilling Tragedy.13:45
  • CHAPTER XXIII. Sold.—Royal Comparisons.—Jim Gets Home-sick.14:06
  • CHAPTER XXIV. Jim in Royal Robes.—They Take a Passenger.—Getting Information.—Family Grief.13:57
  • CHAPTER XXV. Is It Them?—Singing the "Doxologer."—Awful Square—Funeral Orgies.—A Bad Investment .18:34
  • CHAPTER XXVI. A Pious King.—The King's Clergy.—She Asked His Pardon.—Hiding in the Room.—Huck Takes the Money.17:32
  • CHAPTER XXVII. The Funeral.—Satisfying Curiosity.—Suspicious of Huck,—Quick Sales and Small.16:02
  • CHAPTER XXVIII. The Trip to England.—"The Brute!"—Mary Jane Decides to Leave.—Huck Parting with Mary Jane.—Mumps.—The Opposition Line.21:20
  • CHAPTER XXIX. Contested Relationship.—The King Explains the Loss.—A Question of Handwriting.—Digging up the Corpse.—Huck Escapes.22:59
  • CHAPTER XXX. The King Went for Him.—A Royal Row.—Powerful Mellow.07:40
  • CHAPTER XXXI. Ominous Plans.—News from Jim.—Old Recollections.—A Sheep Story.—Valuable Information.22:20
  • CHAPTER XXXII. Still and Sunday—like.—Mistaken Identity.—Up a Stump.—In a Dilemma.14:09
  • CHAPTER XXXIII. A Nigger Stealer.—Southern Hospitality.—A Pretty Long Blessing.—Tar and Feathers.15:58
  • CHAPTER XXXIV. The Hut by the Ash Hopper.—Outrageous.—Climbing the Lightning Rod.—Troubled with Witches.13:28
  • CHAPTER XXXV. Escaping Properly.—Dark Schemes.—Discrimination in Stealing.—A Deep Hole.16:11
  • CHAPTER XXXVI. The Lightning Rod.—His Level Best.—A Bequest to Posterity.—A High Figure.13:16
  • CHAPTER XXXVII. The Last Shirt.—Mooning Around.—Sailing Orders.—The Witch Pie.14:57
  • CHAPTER XXXVIII. The Coat of Arms.—A Skilled Superintendent.—Unpleasant Glory.—A Tearful Subject.15:27
  • CHAPTER XXXIX. Rats.—Lively Bed—fellows.—The Straw Dummy.12:38
  • CHAPTER XL. Fishing.—The Vigilance Committee.—A Lively Run.—Jim Advises a Doctor.13:31
  • CHAPTER XLI. The Doctor.—Uncle Silas.—Sister Hotchkiss.—Aunt Sally in Trouble.15:32
  • CHAPTER XLII. Tom Sawyer Wounded.—The Doctor's Story.—Tom Confesses.—Aunt Polly Arrives.—Hand Out Them Letters .18:37
  • CHAPTER THE LAST. Out of Bondage.—Paying the Captive.—Yours Truly, Huck Finn.04:17

information about the version №2

narrated by
run time
Notice and Explanatory
  • Notice and Explanatory04:59
  • Chapter 107:58
  • Chapter 213:23
  • Chapter 310:09
  • Chapter 409:31
  • Chapter 510:08
  • Chapter 617:05
  • Chapter 715:52
  • Chapter 830:13
  • Chapter 910:02
  • Chapter 1008:57
  • Chapter 1115:47
  • Chapter 1219:10
  • Chapter 1313:07
  • Chapter 1411:03
  • Chapter 1515:24
  • Chapter 1621:32
  • Chapter 1721:26
  • Chapter 1830:26
  • Chapter 1921:56
  • Chapter 2022:51
  • Chapter 2123:55
  • Chapter 2214:02
  • Chapter 2315:39
  • Chapter 2415:20
  • Chapter 2520:12
  • Chapter 2618:31
  • Chapter 2716:55
  • Chapter 2822:34
  • Chapter 2924:31
  • Chapter 3008:03
  • Chapter 3123:47
  • Chapter 3214:24
  • Chapter 3316:30
  • Chapter 3414:35
  • Chapter 3517:22
  • Chapter 3614:14
  • Chapter 3715:37
  • Chapter 3816:29
  • Chapter 3914:02
  • Chapter 4014:46
  • Chapter 4116:40
  • Chapter 4220:06
  • Chapter the Last04:56

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